T-shirts are indispensable fashion in men’s and women’s wardrobe. This is also a fashion item that is very easy to trade because it is never afraid of outdated fashion. If you are looking to sell T-shirts for men, for women, for a couple and want to find the T-shirts Factory to order unique, extraordinary T-shirts and high quality, premium T shirt for your owned shop, Havias Garment Company will be Great choice for you.

HAVIAS specialises in processing, manufacturing all kinds of Men's T-shirts, Women's T-shirts, Couple T-shirts, Uniform with high quality.
HAVIAS specialises in processing, manufacturing all kinds of Men’s T-shirts, Women’s T-shirts, Couple T-shirts, Uniform with high quality.

HAVIAS is a garment manufacturer of variety T-shirt including

  • Plain T shirt for Male, Female, Couple.
  • Polo T shirt for Male, Female, Couple
  • Uniform T shirt for company


  • Step 1: Customers give samples to the Havias factory.
  • Step 2: Havias factory estimates price for customers based on quantity and material of fabrics.
  • Step 3: Customers sign contracts and deposit money to Havias.
  • Step 4: The factory proceeds to sew samples for customers to review.
  • Step 5: After the customer approves the sample and goes into agreement, Havias will conduct mass sewing.
  • Step 6: Delivery to your company/ your shop and customers will pay the rest.

To get the quickest advice, support and quotation from HAVIAS, please contact our hotline immediately below.


  • Tailoring the original material to the customer.
  • Tailoring to the required sample.
  • Customers are allowed to review samples before mass sewing.
  • If the mass-produced output is not the same as the original approval sample, you have the right to return the goods and receive the deposit back.
  • The goods are classy, high quality, and satisfied customers.
  • Delivery on time and in appointment with customers.

Why you have to choose us as your key partner ?

  • Quality of T-shirt products is always 100% guaranteed, Classy & Premium.
  • Extremely good price with high quality by our COPS system.
  • Diversified products & very trendy.
  • The best after sales service for customers.
  • Finished Goods will be luxurious, classy, premium quality and adapt with domestic and international fashion trends

Contact us for advice as well as order high quality T-shirts with the reasonable prices

  • Website: https://www.havias.asia
  • Email: contact@havias.asia
  • Tel: 09-3737-0469 / (+84) 9-3737-0469