You are looking for a reputable leather wallet factory with guaranteed quality and clear wholesaling policy for long-term cooperation. You aspire to bring customers the best and best quality products. We firmly believe that Havias is the trusted leather wallet maker for you.

Wholesale leather wallet with many options

We have a wide variety of Factory manufacturing leather wallets models, constantly changing to welcome customers’ tastes. Havias leather wallet factory owns more than 40 different men’s and women’s wallets so that you can choose the most suitable one. Prominent among them is the high-end wallets for men, which regularly on the top best-seller in Havias collection.

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Always stay classy with high-quality products

All products are handcrafted at the leather wallet factory with 100% genuine leather. Each wallet is made with high detail-oriented from the entire enthusiasm and affection of skilled workers. Of course, to make a difference you can completely design and send samples to the leather wallet workshop to process on your request.

Attractive real leather wallet wholesale policy

Wholesale leather wallets are applied when you buy from 10 pieces for each designed Havias model. Beside, all products are carefully tested before reaching the hands of customers. Goods will be shipped very soon from 2 -10 days depending on your location. Wholesaler can check the goods before receiving and pay.

The high-end leather wallets are still waiting for you all. Make your choice for genuine leather wallets with good prices. This is a great business opportunity that awaits wise and timely entrepreneurs.

Ordering process:

• Step 1: Customers give samples ( In case you would like to buy leather template designed by Havias, please skip this step)

• Step 2: Leather wallet factory quotes an estimate to the customer based on the quantity and leather material.

• Step 3: Customers sign the contract and deposit at least 30% for order

• Step 4: The workshop will carry out the sample making

• Step 5: After customers approve the sample. We will conduct mass processing.

• Step 6: The workshop delivers the goods to the customer and receives the rest payment.

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