Any product when produced will have shortcomings, no product is perfect at all. That is why the Apple logo is shaped like an apple. Indeed this is completely accurate for products available on the market. The use and utility of the product depending on the situation. Even squeezing the card wallet, is also a product affected by this. Let’s go to HAVIAS to find out about the note when choosing a wallet to squeeze the card.

Why should you choose the factory to squeeze the quality card wallet

When it comes to a good quality product, you may imagine a perfect product that can meet the spirit that the product shows. But most, most of the products, do not meet their value. All of these have their reasons. I will tell you, some reasons why the product does not show its full value.

Process – Card wallet production workshop

An important thing that makes the factory products bring them different quality. The process has a seemingly small role in the production apparatus. But it plays a very important role in the entire system.

For factories, a specific process created will help new workers or mechanic workers easily access the job. They can rely on that and follow and understand how to operate the work. For example, a worker is given a specific working process. For example, he will have to work on this and then B and produce a product. This will be extremely good when compared to the new worker when receiving the job, struggling to learn about their promotion route will be extremely long.

Card wallet
Card wallet so beautiful

Businesses owning a great process also make them extremely attractive to potential human resources. This may few people know but some young people who just graduated and looking for jobs. They are extremely desired, the business they choose to have a specific working process and a clear promotion route. Because there they can learn that process, training Mindset to work more effectively.

People – Card wallet production workshop

In the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, he described the person very honestly. We (humans) are an animal, which can collaborate flexibly with a large number. Yuval Noah Harari thinks we can connect, in case the two strangers meet and trust each other because of belief.

Card wallet
Card wallet high quality

Faith is extremely important in business. When the employees were in the company’s apparatus, they tried to devote themselves to their company with the same belief. The company will grow very fast and become stronger and stronger.

Those who have the same faith dedicated to the company will motivate the surrounding individuals, also developing in that direction to create collective cohesion.

Tangible evidence – Card wallet production workshop

This is a factor in Marketing Mix 7P that you have to note. When choosing a factory to squeeze the card wallet, to avoid fraud. You should choose companies with tangible evidence, proving that they exist. In the process of cooperating, if there is a conflict or risk you can find your partner to explain.

Tangible evidence is divided into 2 main types. Firstly, these are things made by humans such as equipment and material products. Secondly, these are the natural things created such as a cave, mountains, and the sea, …

This factor directly affects customer expectations and awareness. It also increases the reliability of customers, increasing the customer’s purchase decision.


After you have learned why you should choose a quality factory. Then I also want to send you a factory on the market, one of the factories specializing in manufacturing accessories from genuine leather.

Known as a business that has worked for many years with accessories and fashion lines. The workmanship of the workers here is extremely wonderful. Besides, they are also very dedicated to the enthusiastic and quality working profession.

Card wallet
Card wallet catchy

HAVIAS has very strict and methodical product censorship and product censorship. All customers when buying products of the business always leave an extremely good assessment. The products here will make you admire them. Because the stitches are meticulous and extremely delicate, HAVIAS products are very prominent.


The above article offers readers a lot of useful information. For you to prepare yourself full luggage when participating in the market. The notes when choosing a factory to squeeze the card wallet in the article will surprise you.