Wallet products are surely no stranger to everyone. It is like an indispensable item in the outfit. Of any modern woman, today. These accessories are more than just fashion. But it also has many, very special uses. Here, let’s go to HAVIAS to find out the popular female wallet models in 2022.


In modern times, something that everyone encounters every day. That is, commuting during the day. It takes up almost 10% – 20% of a person’s total day.

To save time, for daily commuting. We often will tend to carry the necessary applications. For women, these are basic cosmetic items, purses containing little pocket money.

The wallets play a significant role in serving the daily life of each person. It contains money, cards, and items that are said to bring good luck to the owner.

women's wallet
Beautiful women’s wallet

Over time, people also often get entangled. The trap of “convenience”, makes items self-serving. More and more, manufacturers of products and services make a lot of money from it.

Song also makes consumer products and services. Forced to carry, add more necessary items. Consumers, expect their wallets to have more storage space.

Long wallets were born. Marking a turning point, in the wallet manufacturing industry. With more storage space, along with new fashion tastes. Has become a trend of wallet choice in 2022.


Models of women’s purses, and short designs. It’s not just a trend in 2022. It’s also a trend decades ago.

For women, a small and pretty wallet. Very suitable, for light dresses, walking on the street. Or in one, a simple suit like jeans and a t-shirt. Then a small wallet, in hand. Will make the outfit more special to avoid being too simple.

Women's Wallet
Meticulous Women’s Wallet

Especially, with short wallet models. It is a very convenient product for carrying around. Help us, can hold our cards, basic paper, and a little pocket money. If one day, go to coffee with friends. Surely, you don’t want to bring too many items.

Or a picnic, you want to protect yourself with some personal papers. Along with a little cash, in case something goes wrong. You can rely on that, to handle many other dangerous situations.

A purse, too large, is sometimes an inconvenient accessory. If your wallet, size is too big. Might become one of the targets. Of bandits, lurking around us.


Leather is one of the leading materials in the fashion industry. Over the decades, prove its importance. Then leather material has become an indispensable part of today’s era. Especially women’s wallets, extremely stylish and luxurious.

Women's wallet
High quality Women’s wallet


When it comes to leather material, it must be said about its durability over time. This is it, a formidable opponent of time. It has amazing durability.

Not only that, external influences such as physical impact. Or chemical effects, on the environment. There are also leather models, available on the market today. Extremely resilient.

Manufacturers, when releasing leather wallet products. Usually very skilled, so the perfection of the product. Always guaranteed the highest quality.


Women’s purses, often bring themselves a classic style. For the ladies, in a suit. Very well adorned, for a luxurious and elegant style.

The color is created, from the leather material. It is also a very prominent highlight. Not only that, but now it has avoided boredom. By the modest color of the skin. Now developed, the colors are very eye-catching and modern.

You should choose, a wallet with this material. To make your outfit, more prominent in the eyes of the boys. Surely, having a leather wallet will be a profound highlight. Make him miss him, from the first time you meet him.


The above article updates a few trends in using women’s wallets. For those of you who want to learn more choose the right fashion style for you. Check out some of the beautiful products from HAVIAS – HIGH FASHION AND REAL LEATHER ACCESSORIES.